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Start Relaxing with Fun Community Amenities

Start Relaxing with Fun Community Amenities

Whether you work from home or shuttle into the office, your schedule can fill up pretty quickly. Start relaxing with fun community amenities only at Alexan WP2. What do you want your new lifestyle to be? How about fun and relaxing. Part of relaxing means having less on your to-do list, except for relaxing. See how easy life can be when you live at Alexan WP2.


Who doesn’t like online shopping? But how many times have you anxiously waiting for a package, worrying if you would be there to receive it? Stop stalking your online orders with the help of Amazon lockers. Enjoy 24/7 access to Amazon lockers and the package room to get your precious items anytime you like.

Bike Storage

If you like to ride your bike, then you may have experienced the dreaded balcony storage. Rain, heat, and sticky fingers are what you use to watch out for. But not anymore. Use the convenient bike storage and repair stand to keep your wheels spinning. Pop in and get your bike and ride around your new neighborhood with your friends. Luxury like this gets your heart pumping.

Social Events

Sometimes the hardest thing about meeting up with your friends is getting everyone on the calendar. Skip the hard part and go straight to fun at Alexan WP2. A long list of fun and exciting social events is happening year-round. Don’t bother keeping up with the text chain on who can make it. Stick to the social calendar and always have something fun on your to-do list.

Start relaxing with fun community amenities once you make your move to Alexan WP2 in Winter Park, Florida. Start adding relaxation to your to-do list and enjoy yourself again.