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Green Curry Signature Sandwich -Krungthep Tea Time near Alexan WP2 - pic by Jessica D. on Yelp

Krungthep Tea Time near Alexan WP2

What will you do your first weekend at Alexan WP2? Winter Park’s newest luxury apartment community is now leasing. Your ideal lifestyle is closer than you think. Picture yourself relaxing in plush indoor and outdoor community amenities. Feel great knowing you can always come home to comfy apartment features. Local gems like Krungthep Tea Time near Alexan WP2 are waiting for you.

Dining Near Alexan WP2

Finding your go-to spot for the flavors you love is the best part of moving to a new city. What will you find here? They offer “modernity of traditional tastes and twist into sandwiches and salad… With our signature Thai twist sandwiches and our fine selected tea, we will bring you to touch another part of KrungThep (Bangkok city) that is exotic and classy.”

Takeout Near Alexan WP2

They have their fans. Jessica D. shares on Yelp, “What a find! If you’re a big tea drinker, this is your destination. What I thought would be a cup of iced tea turned out to be a giant mug of it. You can’t go wrong with the Caramelized Pear – super light and refreshing. Their Green Curry Signature Sandwich was also top notch.”

Local Dining

There is no shortage of local dining near Alexan WP2. No matter the cuisine you are searching for, you can find it. You never have to travel far for a good meal. From a Thai twist on tea and sandwiches to a Texas barbecue plate, you have plenty of choices when you live at Alexan WP2.

Try Krungthep Tea Time near Alexan WP2 luxury apartment homes and start your go-to list off right. The lifestyle you are looking for has arrived.