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Chirashi - pic by Monica O. - Kadence near Alexan WP2

Kadence near Alexan WP2

Develop a taste for the finer things in life with a new luxury apartment at Alexan WP2. Indulge yourself with fine apartment features and community amenities. Best of all, you have plenty of upscale dining options nearby, like Kadence near Alexan WP2. So what are you waiting for? Bliss is waiting.

Unique Flavors

Kadence is Japanese cuisine at the next level. In their own words, “we opened Kappo, our sushi stand in the east end market, in 2014, and two years later moved around the corner to build a forever home. Kadence features an intimate dining experience focused on multi-course tasting menus and an extensive yet carefully curated selection of sake.”


Their fans are talking. Tom E. shares on Yelp“The fish was incredible. Some of the best quality stuff I think I’ve ever had. From Toro to Snapper Belly, these are cuts that you just don’t really find at other places too often. They plating is beautiful too. Everything they serve is perfect for food photos. If you’re adventurous when it comes to food this place will absolutely satisfy your cravings. The chef served one dish where he wouldn’t even tell us what it was until after we ate it.”

Local Favorites

Life is better when you live at Alexan WP2. Not only can you enjoy the finer things in life, but you can do it in a neighborhood you will love. From fine dining to easy fun, you can have it all in Winter Park, Florida.

Celebrate your move with dinner at Kadence near Alexan WP2 and find what you have missed. Dive into the deep end of bliss and never look back.